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Unknown Artist


Statue of a Youth (Pythian Apollo?)

Creation Date

ca. 100 - 200 CE


2nd century


39 15/16 in. x 20 1/16 in. x 15 7/16 in. (101.5 cm. x 51 cm. x 39.2 cm.)

Object Type


Creation Place

Ancient Mediterranean, Greco-Roman

Medium and Support


Credit Line

Gift of Nathan Dane II


Public Domain

Accession Number

The pose and proportion of the statue recall male figures created during the late fifth or early fourth century BCE when Greek sculptors employed mathematical rules to achieve an ideal body type. Poses also become more naturalistic and offer different views as you move around the sculptures. However, the heavy use of supporting elements (the tree stump and a missing strut on the figure’s left) suggests that this statue is a later version, or copy, of an original work in bronze, a medium that would not need such structural additions. The Romans, in particular, are known for these renditions. The addition of a snake, that coils in and around the tree stump, with a male youth could indicate that the figure is a young Apollo whose victory over the serpent Pytho assured his preeminence at Delphi as Pythian Apollo. Still, a precise identification remains elusive.

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