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Image of 32 Questions for DeRay Mckesson, created for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art 30112


R. Luke DuBois (Morristown, New Jersey, September 10, 1975 - )


32 Questions for DeRay Mckesson, created for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Creation Date


Object Type

film/mixed media

Creation Place

North America, United States

Medium and Support

generative digital media work on computer, with custom software

Credit Line

Museum Purchase, Lloyd O. and Marjorie Strong Coulter Fund


This artwork may be under copyright. For further information, please consult the Museum’s Copyright Terms and Conditions.

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DeRay Mckesson (b. 1985), a Bowdoin alumnus (Class of 2007) is an American civil rights activist, and one of the key figures in the Black Lives Matter Movement. He is also an inveterate user of Twitter as a platform for activism and advocacy, with some 270,000 tweets and a million followers to his name as of 2021, the year in which his alma mater will award him an honorary doctorate. His work around social justice, community organization, and police and community relations have won him praise as a strong voice for change. Penetrating into the very nature of Mckesson’s outreach to the public, DuBois’s portrait combines an interview of Mr. Mckesson, using questions provided by students at Bowdoin, and shot on high-definition video by the artist, with the Twitter messages that have galvanized his supporters. By creating an edited database of topical clips, DuBois enables comments from Mckesson’s interview to reference similar themes from his social media archive, with his tweets appearing as a cloud of words on a second screen. Through this portrait of one of Bowdoin’s most significant recent alumni, DuBois addresses a critical moment in our struggle for racial equality in the 21st century and lays bare the structure and the content of the information that have helped mobilize efforts to promote opportunity and respect for all members of our increasingly diverse society. Director of Photography: Aaron Henderson Assistant Camera: Leslie Martinez Assistant to the Director: Ayanna Seals Production Assistant: LaJuné McMillan Studio Assistant: Alessandra Urso Special thanks to Ashely Bomboka ’16, President, Bowdoin African American Society, and to Daniel Mejia-Cruz, President, Bowdoin Student Government, for their work in compiling questions for DeRay Mckesson submitted by fellow Bowdoin students. Sincere thanks to each student who contributed to this effort.

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